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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 30, 2005 || 1:32 am

Typing with mittens is ill-advised.

(bit fikmgerl;ess gopves so niceopu, thsnka;)

Translation: “(but fingerless gloves do nicely, thanks)”

(it’s cp;e as jer;; jefre./ P’m, ficliog FREEZXIOMG!)

Once Again, for those illiterate in Mittenese: “(it’s cold as hell here. I’m fucking FREEZING!)”

I labor under strange delusions, like “Maybe some linguist in the far-away future will base an entire language on those few little mistyped words there!”

Or even, “I may one day be the subject of some crazy cultlike group’s affections and they will adapt my posts as their life’s edicts and further imagines that one day they will all Live In The House Of Superior, AMEN.”

OR! “There could be Official Superior Conventions! Instead of some lame name like ‘Trekkie’, rabid fans o’ Superior would be the very Proud Muffinasses. They would trade and sell Licensed And Rare Superior Memorabilia and they would know the answers to crazy questions like ‘JETT’S ONE DEADLY FOOD ALLERGY?’ and “WHAT IS MITTENESE?’ Hell, those fuckers might even speak Mittenese. Holy damn. That would be wicked awesome.”

I realize that, right about now, over half of you (that would be the segment of the readership that doesn’t drool on itself while doing the daily blog-skimming) are thinking something along the lines of, “You know, I was by and large questioning that Superior gal’s grasp on reality, but this one pretty much seals the deal for me.”

Maybe so, but any one of those scenarios would be too fucking cool to fathom, wouldn’t it?

So, if you were all omnipotent and shit, which would you pick for [Abuantg.]? And –before you even ask– I most certainly have been drinking tonight.

pee ess….I missed you too, you crafty little e-mailers and callers. Sometimes life won’t shake loose of you for nothin’, not even for a great and mighty BLOG!

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  1. skillzy 1.30.2005

    Well, you’re so easy to miss – or should I say hard to hit?!?!?! Dodger!

  2. sugarmama 1.31.2005

    Hi, my name is Sugarmama. I’d like to introduce myself. I just found your blog, and you sound like a really cool person. Let’s get to know each other!

  3. Coelecanth 2.1.2005

    A cult following, hmmm, interesting, interesting….

    I think I’m going to hold out for a robot army though. Less care and feeding and more razing and explosions.

    BTW didn’t think you’d lost it. I live in a cold climate, it paralizes the brain. The only cure is liberal doses of yer fav alcoolhol.


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