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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 16, 2005 || 11:19 pm


Lois, the mom on Malcolm In The Middle, has the greatest lines:

“You’re gonna do your standard police thing and my son’s gonna die in a hail of bullets!”

Reese got off a good one tonight, too.

“I’m really sorry. And your dad is a tool.”

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So, I’ve been asked to write my life story for a project. My writing often jumps around willy-nilly and whole paragraphs form long after a handful of prescient sentences have been scried out of my head-sausage. Also, I sometimes use stupid words like ’scried’ in run-on sentences.

Back to this life story thing: The first thing to pop out of my fingers was the following:

‘I’d like to think that if I had known in advance that there would be things like call waiting and baseball strikes looming ahead, I’d have just stayed put in the Floaty Dark Place.’

Sometimes this happens. I write things out that I never really realized I felt. Then I stare in amazement at the words and kind of hiccup.

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In two-thousand three I posted some of my goofy-ass song lyrics. Shortly thereafter (in two-thousand four) someone, in an orgasmic fit of inspiration, submitted their musical interpretation of those lyrics. I promised a contest if people would throw their renditions my way, and I actually got some entries.

So now, in two-thousand-FIVE, I’m making good on that. Plus, I’m re-opening the call for entries. This is because someone over at Skillzy’s was dang near excited about the notion of recording their own version. To quote last year,

If the rest of you yayhoos lovely folks want to take a stab at ‘My Heart’ (AHHHHAHahaha, I kill me!), I fully invite you to and ask that you send me the results. If I have, say, four or more submissions (including theDane’s), we’ll make a little contest out of it, whereupon the entire Kingdom of Superior will turn out to vote, and the winner by popular opinion and wholesale bribery of yours truly will be eligible for all SORTS of prizey goodness!

Ready, break!

Only, amend that to ‘a little bit of prizey goodness’.

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And now, a totally unrelated link to an obscure entry on Dictionary.com. I have no idea how I ended up on that page; thank you and good night.

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  1. sugarmama 2.18.2005

    Girl, you are CLAZY.

  2. peter 3.16.2005

    My entry still remains valid, i hope.

    I was playing it for something the other day, and they were like, ‘It’s stuck in my head now,” and then i was like, “Dude, it’s been stuck in my head FOR A YEAR.”


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