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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 18, 2005 || 12:14 pm

(since I dint post no sappy shit for valiumtimes)

Conversations With Past Loves: A fugue.

“I like to drink from a glass that means business,” I said to him.

“That way, when I get drunk and decide to throw it at your head, it’s surer to connect with its mark.”

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  1. zee 2.20.2005


  2. kaydee 2.21.2005

    You got a sister? I got a 25 year old good looking, motorcycleriding, 6′4″, employed, intelligent hunk of a son who is looking for a woman like you. He ain’t willing to settle and with your moxie and brains, girl, or some like them he would live forever happy…

  3. Keith 2.23.2005

    Beth, I miss you, so I’m coming back to the blogosphere. ^_^ First entry’s up.

  4. Bob 2.23.2005

    I remember that night…and the stitches that came later…

  5. Jettomatika 2.27.2005

    Dear Kaydee,

    There are many Superior women, but we are all unique in our charms and abilities.

    Should I ever stray from the happy confines of marriage, however, and wish to take a tumble, then I’ll keep your young man in mind. >:o)

    …and not willing to ’settle’ is a fine, fine thing.

  6. Jettomatika 2.27.2005

    KEITH! Missed you.

    (and I hardly think I’m the reason you returned. Told you ya’d be back, silly.)

  7. Keith 2.27.2005

    I knew you’d be too clever not to see through my flattery! Now ask me what I mean when I say I wonder how that apostrophe got the best of you. Gawd, I’m so damn confusing. Ain’t it great?

  8. Jettomatika 2.28.2005

    (or how -sence became -scene.)



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