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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 13, 2005 || 1:10 am

There is bone wrapped in string

Dangling reminders, drowning remainders

And there are forevers

That I am not privy to

I never knew what to think

Starting with the pink ribbon

And, lollygagging through time,

On up through you grinning yesterday

Pushing against the sheath of understanding

I am a burden more to myself

Detonated at a word, a scent

Left picking shards from my clumsy heart

Afraid the crystal would simply shatter

Before I could even open my mouth to sing

(Measured against now, my pre-you singing

then resembled merely an excited hum.)

More afraid the crystal bits there on the floor

-pretty and dangerous things as they are-

Will cease to glow like fire if the moon

Outside decides to up and hide away

Grief and laughter heel-toe, heel-toe

Always a puzzle two steps past solved

Seeking the okay in whatever form

Chasing deed, word: Kind or not

I stopped and I grew cold

Skin shivering with spilled breath

Cramp on my soul

Willing the recollection of your voice away

A hard thing to do, this, when

That thing echoes through my marrow

And there are forevers

That I am not privy to

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