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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 4, 2005 || 2:24 pm

What a fun-filled gal I am!

Whenever Maxim and I are someplace that has a piano (mostly music stores), I make a mad dash for the keys and play ‘Lean On Me’ all loud- and proud-like.

(All those years of classical piano REALLY PAID OFF! Thanks, Madame F. Thanks, mom and dad!)

If he pretends like he doesn’t know me, I simply holler, “Come on, Maxim, you love this one! Clap along. You can do the clap part, can’t you??” and grin really large.

Sadly, I’ve not gotten to do that lately, as he’s finally caught on and, rather than ignore me, now makes ugly faces and “CUT IT OUT!” gestures. I love that boy so dang much.

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  1. Richard D. Bartlett 2.7.2005

    huh. no comments. i guess we’re all sitting about waiting for jennifer to denounce your use of italics and the ratio of parentheses to total characters.

    seriously, jen, if you are in the south-pacific area and would like a kiss on the face, you can call me on +[blah blah blah].

  2. sugarmama 2.7.2005


    I’m pretty sure that people who can play the piano shouldn’t be allowed around children.

    p.s. I would love you forever if you would learn how to play “Smack my Bitch Up” on the piano.

  3. Jettomatika 2.13.2005

    I will add that to the ‘Minor Accomplishments I Shall Pursue’ list.

    Because if YOU love me forever, who else do I NEED?


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