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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 21, 2005 || 11:14 am

Aaaaand they’re off!

Long weekend, school-wise, for the Superior children. So this means that after much swearing and shoving of packed goods/staples into a space tight enough to forge diamonds, we will be off on a family excursion. Said pilgrimage consists of meeting my parents in the middle of nowhere and going camping for a few days.

You guessed it, folks, I’m shoring up the ole inheritance fund by taking some big-eyed cuteness (Sam, Scout, and Mathias…apparently I lost that charm some time ago) to dole out a couple of hugs and a handful of guffaw-drawing questions all over my parental-type people. I figure I’m up to somewheres in the neighborhood of a buck thirty-two right about now.

My cousin Christa, who once told me that babies come out of women’s butts, is also going, as are her parents; they are my parents’ resident best friends and partners in geriatry.*

Christa hasn’t any babies (please, see the middle segment to the first sentence in the paragraph above) to cavort in front of my uncle and aunt in a shameless ploy to soak up any residual cash or valuables; I’m hoping that my kids’ charm will be on the ultra-watt setting this weekend so as to sop up their leavings, too.

Wish us luck, dear Muffinasses, and you’ve got the run of the place till I return!

*Look, you fuckers. I know that’s not a word. We must bend the language to suit us. How many times do I have to tell you that??

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  1. Nina 4.21.2005

    Good luck out there in the wilds. I bet you’ll have plenty of stories when you get back.

  2. Shamrock 4.22.2005

    Made up words add so much fabulosity, don’t they?

  3. Luck.

  4. charles 4.24.2005

    just leave the remote where I can find it.

  5. RONWAIKIKI 4.25.2005

    *Look, you fuckers. I know that’s not a word…..”

    You read my thoughts.

  6. Good luck. I hope that each hug and cute giggle means registers ringing in your favor. Milk ‘em!

  7. OK missy, you’ve gone too long without posting or making contact. Consider this your final warning before I take ACTION.

    Love ya, mean it.

  8. gjoe 5.9.2005

    Like using REAL WORDS has ever been a top priority of yours.

  9. Jettomatika 5.10.2005

    GJOE! You’re still heee-eeeere!

    CC:( I like your sweet idea. Niceness is fully underrated these days)

    Skillzy: I thought the following to myself just today: “When Skillzy comes and threatens me in my comments, that will be the irresistable pull back to blogging that I invariably needed and I will slap something up there post-haste!”

    Timing is everything.


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