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Just think of all those freaky-deaky nice Catholic boys out there in need of a comforting embrace. Mmmmmm….

Funniest thing heard so far today:

Rush Limbaugh saying, “This babe Nancy Newkirk…”

(normally I don’t listen to ole Rushie, but I’ll give it to the bastard, he was on FIRE today)

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Swear ta Pete, I’ma put a bounty on the head of the first cartoonist to craft an illustration of the Pope and the Schiavo woman:

~in heaven

~making conversation

~embracing one another

~generally interacting in any way

You know somebody’s gonna, people. Just give it a minute.

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Rounding out the celebrity death triumvirate (even though the Pope is or is not ‘officially’ dead at the time of this writing), the Chicken Tough Man died. The very obvious joke would be to say that now they’ll have chicken with their vegetables in the great beyond, but that would be a horribly nasty and tacky thing to say, and I want presents for my birthday.

One of you go do it.

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  1. skillzy 4.1.2005

    You’ll have to settle for singing till the check for my kidney clears and I can get home to an online-purchasing-friendly e-mail machine. Miss Fidgety Pants.

    Hey! Whyntcha meet me in Cullman tomorrow and I’ll loan you my Raising Arizona DVD! Turn to the right…

  2. trouble 4.1.2005

    so my comments about your wishlist…

    i was pleased to see drop dead fred.

    when i saw nobodys baby, i thought it was raising arizona…then i saw raising arizona.

    when i saw raising arizona i thought it was fear and loathing in LV…then i saw it.

    then i was happy to have it all capped off with perks of being a wallflower…rad book.

    and GEB godel escher bach is practically unreadable. it starts out awesome then gets hard, then you put it down…er, i put it down, thrice over.


  3. Jettomatika 4.2.2005

    Skillz…you gave me dancing suns. What more does a girl need?

    Trouble…I LOVE DDF. It was a natural offshoot of loving TYO. But of course, you being you, ya know that.

  4. sugarmama 4.4.2005

    DAMN! I forgot your birthday… April Fool’s, right? I was out of town, in Teaxasss. Hope it was wonderful.

  5. skillzy 4.4.2005

    Oh wait, Sugah, it gets better. Miss Dodger calls me out of the blue Friday night to tell me she’s in B’ham. She waited till you were gone, and it was too late for me to make plans to go see her, then acted like she didn’t plan it that way. EEEVVILLL, she is.

  6. Jettomatika 4.4.2005

    Gimme a BREAK, Skillz. I can’t help that you have to be all COVERT and RETARDED to get out of your OWN HOUSE.

    (and I vaguely recall inviting my precious Sugah to Memphis one weekend when she was oh-so-sad)

  7. Jettomatika 4.4.2005

    and Sug…thanks!

  8. skillzy 4.5.2005

    You’re right, I should get a job as a fireman so I can just jump up off the couch at ten o’clock at night and say “oops, gotta go, see you sometime”. Cause somehow I don’t see “bye, honey, I’m off to see this woman I met on the Internets, I’ll be home late. No, really, it’s innocent. Put down that knife” working for me.

  9. John 4.5.2005

    Terri and the Pope cartoon


    Not sure how long that will be the correct image. Just in case I’ve saved it and will put it up on my site if need be.


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