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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 17, 2005 || 10:23 pm

Me=Unapologetically Sick Bastard

I know I should probably be horrified, but the notion of a kid making a list of people that he’d like to kill with a cheese grater makes me laugh so hard that my eyeballs get all wobbly. Plus, it sort of restores some of the hope I keep losing where the next generation is concerned.

This kid is thinking outside of the box, baby. Maybe he needs to team up with the frozen juice armed robber (‘member him?) and form the League of Culinary-Related Criminal Deeds.

Damn, I love being part of the human race. We are so stupidly sad and funny all at the same time.

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  1. Anonymous 4.18.2005

    “Students said the boy said he wanted to kill the other students with a cheese grater. Some took this as a joke, but others took it as a possible reference to a type of gun.”

    Good gawd. Idjits.

    *subject has a cheese grater. consider him armed and dangerous* bwhahaha

    Like you said, so funny, but so sad.. on so many levels.

  2. Jettomatika 4.18.2005

    Look, I’m a fairly savvy gal, coming from a gun-nut fambly and all…..

    I don’t know what the living fuck they’re talking about with that whole ‘reference to a type of gun’ thing.

    If the kid really meant a cheese grater then, well, give that boy the props he dang well deserves!

  3. charles 4.18.2005

    but what if the people on that list have their own cheese grateres? It’ll get out of hand fast, that’s what will happen.

  4. CJ 4.18.2005

    I just have an image of a 14 year old with a Martha Stewart cheese caddy and a few grudges to settle.

    And that, my friends is the funniest fucking thing my deranged brain has produced, thus far, today.

    But it’s not even lunchtime, yet….

  5. Jettomatika 4.18.2005

    I mean, the kid has some moxie.

    And prolly stamina. Just think of how hard you’d have to work to graterize someone to death.

    Quick, let’s pen a screenplay, muffinasses! I have an I-D-E-A!

  6. skillzy 4.19.2005

    Guns don’t kill people, cheese graters kill people.

  7. CJ 4.19.2005

    Geebus! Think what he coulda done with a pepper mill!


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