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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 8, 2005 || 9:57 am

Pet Peeve of the Day

People who use the words ‘refund’ and ‘return’ interchangeably with regard to filing their taxes.

Sample sentence:

“I filled out my 2004 income tax __________ today!”

I challenge you to write that sentence down, show it to various people, and give them a choice of the two aforementioned words to slap in that there space. I’m interested in the percentages, people. What slice of the populace pie (within your sphere of reference, of course) will fuck it up?

(I still have some of these beautiful little babies left. First five of you to tell me your own personal Today’s Pet Peeve will receive one post*-haste)

*U.S Mail pun, as I plan on utilizing their services to fling the goods to the far reaches = Triple Pun Score

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  1. sugarmama 4.8.2005

    I beat Skillzy to the first comment!!!

    My pet peeve are blog commenters who say I am BASELINE DECENT. Especially since I am TOTALLY INDECENT.

  2. skillzy 4.8.2005

    She is, take it from me. She’s a drrty, drrty girl. Give Sugah my condom, she has more chance of needing it than I do. Just send me all the other junk you owe me. Oh, wait, I need a pet peeve first…

    How about, people who never read their e-mail, and only correspond in blog comments?

  3. Wendolene 4.8.2005

    Today is my birthday!

    With that said, Today’s Pet Peeve is people who can’t be happy unless they’re tailgating someone. We’ve all seen these people, driving down a three lane expressway, plenty of room to pass or just move over into another lane, yet they insist of just riding the bumper of the car in front of them. If that person exits or moves over and slows down A LOT, the car will just find another person to tailgate, tapping their brakes every few seconds. It drives me NUTS.

  4. Richard D. Bartlett 4.9.2005

    my pet peeve is negative vibes

    also, protected sex is a bug of mine

  5. marc 4.9.2005

    The sound of people eating. Really, how #@$%#$% hard is it to chew with your mouth closed? I cannot stand the *smack* *smack* *crunch* *slurp* foleys that so many want to share.

  6. CJ 4.10.2005

    Hehe. I still have mine on my keychain of doom(tm). I did replace the condom in it. I had to give the original to a slutty friend who was stupid enough to forget a condom before going to the club.

    (as if he wasn’t there for a hookup, or somethings…dumb cockwhore…)

    Me, i was just there for the booze. In MASSIVE quantities.

    -CJ “Lush is too nice…I prefer DRUNK” M

  7. sarabella 4.10.2005

    i will cite two peeves. numero uno: the assweepe’s at the post office who broke open the envelope and “STOLE” the first one of these fancy key holding gadgets that you sent to me…months ago! no kidding. i got an empty envelope from alabama with a slit at the top!

    and B: gameboys vs babysitters. i plan on launching a diatribe very soon on this peeve, but the short version is: i was working at a wedding last night, and just didn’t understand the kids sitting at tables, with their eyes glues to the little portable electronic devices, oblivious to the hundreds of opportunities for fun all around them. i remember weddings when i was a kid. we all ran around like crazy monkies and danced and ate cookies and did the hokie pokie and the chicken dance and the bunny hop…ah those were the days. now, it seems some parents would rather occupy their kid with a machine so that they don’t have to worry about them misbehavin. i just don’t get it.

  8. Nina 4.11.2005

    Mine is that I never got the first one! whaaaa!

  9. Coelecanth 4.13.2005

    Too late for a prize, oh well. Gonna whinge anyway.

    I hate guitarists who play with it hanging down by their knees. Yah it looks great: nothing says Rawk n’ Roll like fiery tendonitis. Mind you it only really annoys me when I like the band.

  10. Jettomatika 4.18.2005

    Oh, hell. ALL OF YOU e-mail your adder-esses. Keychainy goodness for all!

    And sara: You weren’t the only one. Apparently U.S. Postal Workers love the shit outta these keychains. Three envelopes were SLIT OPEN and delivered sans contents. One was returned to me empty, as a matter of fact.

  11. CJ 4.19.2005

    It’s because they think you’re sending condo-bombs… Which is like a Condi-bomb, but without the gap in the front teeth.


  12. Nina 4.21.2005

    farking postal workers. i don’t know if it was them or if they put it in the wrong box and someone else did it but my gift cards from my brother also got stolen. they put the card and the pictures back in the envelope and taped it up and put it back in the mail.


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