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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 13, 2005 || 4:56 pm

*Friday Evening Update*

Skillzy again. I got a call from Mister Maxim a little while ago, Jett told him to tell me to tell y’all that she made it through surgery without any problems. They’ve put a plate in her ankle, and they’ve reattached all the stuff that got detached in the accident. She’s spending tonight in the hospital, and going home tomorrow.

Keep praying, next update whenever I hear from her (or she posts on here).

Oh, one more thing:

Amazon Honor System
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Currently this is linked to my Amazon account and I’ll forward the donations, hopefully once Jett is up and around she can make one that goes straight to her. Give till it hurts!

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  1. John 5.13.2005

    The last time I saw something new here was when Jett went on vacation with the family. Wow…wow.

    Well, we now have something in common Jett. Metal plates Inside. Ouch.

  2. logically from Ohio 5.15.2005

    I got a call on the cosmic telephone.

    Where the hell do I find an email addy on this damn page?! I don’t think I have your phone number (and I know you don’t have mine b’cuz I got a new one as soon as my period of slavery to AT&T ended).

    We gotta talk. And not just on the cosmic phone.

  3. Jettomatika 5.16.2005

    Linked to my post sig.

    You stupid.

    And now I’m crying, because I’ve missed you like hell, old boy.


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