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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 16, 2005 || 8:40 am

HI! (<--see that? I am NOT that perky.)

This post had ambitions of being corresponding top five positives and top five negatives lists. Now, though, since I’ve gotten up, gotten in the wheelchair, maneuvered across the room, arranged the leg on pillows in a rolly chair, logged on, checked my e-mail and logged into Blogger….well, this post has lost its ambition.

My mother and father are presently watching Regis and Kelly. Help me Jesus! Two weeks of forced immobility, drugs and television will relieve me of all intellect, I’m sure of it.

It must be said, however, that swiping a washcloth over your dirty ass, along with some honey-scented soap, makes you feel almost human after five days of not being able to bathe.

It’s all about the small blessings. Must go vomit now.

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  1. skillzy 5.16.2005

    You know what goes well with a wheelchair? A tartan throw over your knees…and a PIPE! Throw in some hornrimmed glasses, and you’re Professor Jett, solving mysteries.

  2. Shamrock 5.16.2005

    Jeez. I haven’t stopped by in a week and just heard about the tractor-smashing today. Sorry to hear this and hope you’re feeling less pukey soon.

  3. Lothregast 5.17.2005


    I was apalled this morning to learn of your ordeal. You certainly have my best wishes and prayers. I understand taking a sudden keen interest in the local agricultural community, but leave it to you to be so bloody dramatic about it. All or nothing, eh? Well. If I can quite figure out how to do it, I will send you MY favorite item from YOUR wish list. That way we both win. Quick healing and Godspeed.

    Your humble servant & Loyal Muffinass


  4. Jettomatika 5.20.2005

    Skillz: we’ll explore that later.

    Sham and Loth: thank you kindly.


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