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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 18, 2005 || 1:35 pm

In remembrance

In honor of my friend Rick (some of you knew him as ‘waistdog’), his awesome sense of humor, his love of silliness, his fondness for his OWN shirt and because my memories of him are nearly all cheeky and funny, I’m giving away a PIGGLY WIGGLY TEE-SHIRT!

Waisty would not love the fact that I am in pain and my cute little Saturncar got smooshed all to hell, but I guarandamntee you that he’s hooting and hollering over the fact that I smacked a tractor, for godsakes.

What to do: e-mail me at JettSuperior[the at symbol goes here]gmail[the dot goes here]com with ‘SHIRT’ in the subject line. Then tell me something, anything. It can be funny, it can be sad, it can be a secret. I’ll take entries until this Saturday, then I’ll throw all your names into a hat and one of the Superior heatherns will draw! out! a! winnah!

Here’s to you, waistdog, you cute little Piggly Wiggly shirt wearing bastard you. You are missed.

UPDATE: This is for everyone, not just those of you that knew Rick. And if you have a moment to spare on your own blog, pass the word: THEY’S FREENESS AT JETT’S!

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  1. skillzy 5.18.2005

    I’ll be happy to spread the word if my EFFING site ever comes back up! Good to see the daily updates. And speaking of t-shirts, isn’t there a t-shirt selling moneymaking scheme filed away somewhere? Seems that this would be a good time to roll it out, no?

  2. skits 5.19.2005

    OMG. I love that idea. lol Rick would, too. Off to enter!!


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