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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 13, 2005 || 4:30 am

Pardon my lack of lucidity.

Made the mistake of not waking intentionally and taking pain meds last night; now the leg and ankle are screaming fire. Maxim didn’t wake me because I seemed to be resting soundly and I’d slept so poorly night before last. Basically, I am just killing time and distracting myself (the pain is the kind that makes you vomitty) so as not to sick all over the place.

We leave in thirty minutes so as to be in Huntsville by seven ay emm. There they will put me under and make me hurt some more so as to make me all better.

Specifics: I came over a hill and hit a tractor (ohhhh, the irony and humor in THAT! I will make light of it later; I don’t have the energy or focus to right now). My fifty-five should have trumped his twenty or so, but it didn’t. I’m glad it didn’t, because the paramedics told my husband I kept asking “Did I kill him? Did I kill that man on the tractor??” and weeping bitterly after each query. Apparently he was indeed more than fine, and back out working in his chicken houses that afternoon, while I lay screaming, having my shit put somewhat back into place.

(I’m not being all bitter, even though it sounds like it)

I knocked the whole left wheel well off of that tractor –swerving, don’tcha know– and impressed the two truck drivers, six paramedics, three passersby, two county deputies and one state trooper on the scene: “Why boys, I don’t reckon I’ve ever seen such.” and the rest concurred: They hadn’t, either. At that point I was calm and lucid enough to raise my arms in v-for-victory and managed a weak, “woo! go big or go home!”

I know those fellas thought I was touched in the head, because I kept trying to make conversation to distract myself from everything and I kept getting uncomfortable (?) looks.

I have all the tendons ripped from the interior side of my ankle/foot, so those will have to be tacked back on today. My ankle was severely dislocated; they took care of that in the ER. My distal fibula (lower end of the smallest leg bone) is broken clean through and jammed sort of in and down. This will be corrected surgically as well. My orthopedist is a prince and very kind; I’m thankful that I was relegated to his care. My family is amazing in their tenderness toward me and willingness to help.

Maxim and I don’t have health insurance, and I will be out of work for at least a month, probably more. I won’t lie and say I am not worried, but I am fully trusting in God to help us in the gap, because that’s what he does when you are doing the very best you’re able. Our auto policy will cover about 5K worth of med stuff, so I imagine that will be sucked up by ten ay emm today. :o )

If any of you wants to contact me and have the digits, feel free. My momma and daddy are here looking after the kids and will be fielding calls. Or, you could call my mobile and I’ll get back to you when I’m sufficiently conscious. My doped-up ramblings may prove amusing to you.

I don’t know when I’ll be up to posting again, as this exercise has literally exhausted me. I ache everywhere still, and I have bruises as big as Texas on my arms and chest. What makes me laugh is the little tiny sandpaper of a scrape just below my chin. Skillzy will keep you posted (see entry below).

I am alive, and so, so glad to be, no matter the hurt at present. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. sugarmama 5.13.2005

    I want to call you this weekend, I told Skillzy I was waiting until after your surgery when perhaps you will be more lucid and comfortable, and you’ll remember your home address so I can send you something.

  2. skillzy 5.13.2005

    Glad you could make it on here for a few. And thanks for filling in all the details that I left out. Talk to you soon.

  3. Nina 5.13.2005

    damn girl, when you go big, you go big. i’m so sorry that you’re hurting but i am sooo glad that you’re ok (well, ok is relative, a’ight?) and i’m glad you didn’t kill the dude on the tractor. get better soon. don’t rush it. maybe someone is tryin to tell you to slow yer ass down, eh? i’ll be thinking about you and sending a prayer out. if i don’t see you sooner, i’ll see you later.

  4. marc 5.13.2005

    Holy lots of stuff! Good luck and hope your mending is quick.

  5. john 5.13.2005

    So I responded to the current (as of the 13th) post before reading this one…I’m trying to catch up.

    My mind is reeling. I hope that the recovery is quick.

  6. Tina 5.13.2005

    Wow, this sucks! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

    I hope you get back to posting with gusto soon, so we loyal muffinasses have something to read. I’m sure you’ll be full of hospital stories, and you tell stories so well.

  7. Jettomatika 5.20.2005

    Sanks, everbodee!


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