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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 18, 2005 || 4:28 pm

I, for one, welcome our cybernetic Beth overlords.

I mean, how many evil robo-organic killing machines do you know of that can make such nice little cigar-box purses?

She says she got a metal plate put in her foot, but I know the truth.

It’s just a start. Her program’s active. We’re all about due to face the fist. What fist? Why, the mighty metal fisty rage of Beth’s metal fist. That’s the one. And it’ll probably smell like flowers.

If you think this is funny, go ask that tractor who’s laughing.

That’s what they want you to think.

You can tell just from her name: Beth. It really means “Bionic Evil Tractor Hater.”


Wait ’till she starts speaking in a German accent.

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  1. sugarmama 5.19.2005


    I can relate with this post, ’cause B.E.T.H. and I have something special in common.

  2. skillzy 5.19.2005

    B.E.T.H. and I have something special in common

    It’s ME, right?!?! Cause it’s definitely not huge boobs. Or silky blonde hair.

  3. Unxmaal 5.19.2005

    Watch out, yo. Those boobs are Lincolncontinental ballistic missiles, tipped with weapons-grade plutonium.

    The hair? A mesh of highly reactive semi-intelligent nanoware agents designed to infiltrate unsuspecting American laundromats.

  4. Jettomatika 5.19.2005

    Okay, no fair.

    I haven’t been to a laundromat in years.


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