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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 26, 2005 || 1:47 pm

The pull of the pickle is strong, but I’m no dummy.

I wish someone would surprise me and stop by. I really, really could use a dill pickle.

There are many, many square feet and three steps down between me and the kitchen.

Also, since I’m fantasizing, one of those little mini-sized bags of popcorn housed back there would be great, as well.


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  1. skillzy 5.26.2005

    consults wall-sized satellite photos of the Jett estate and detailed driving directions

    I could prolly be there in 2 hours or so, what kind of pickles do you want?

    And cut your grass, it’s getting bad.

  2. john 5.26.2005

    “pull of the pickle” That’s a euphemism right?

  3. Nina 5.27.2005

    That’s one of my fav-oh-rite snacks. You need a snack bar installed by your comfy spot. Or a well-trained monkey? heh

  4. Jettomatika 5.30.2005

    I have four well-trained monkeys.

    They were at school. >:o(


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