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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 3, 2005 || 2:11 am

…and a snide little petty aside.

(everyone save for a certain fit-pitcher may continue on to the post previous)

No, your hapless trolling for fresh eyeballs is pathetic. Also pathetic is your discernable lack of manners, then your passive-aggressive swipe in response to my politeness, which I am not beholden to bless you with; however, my momma raised me properly.

We won’t even bring up the ‘picking on a girl‘ argument, although I should, since it’s evident that playground tactics are what you’re most comfortable with.

I’ll pit my writing against yours any day. What content I choose to seat here is my own fucking concern. ‘…self-absorbed fusions of narcissism and voyeurism…’ might be a pretty accurate and okay way to characterize what it is I do (as I’ve always claimed to do it for my own fucking amusement, dickdrip, remember?); was it supposed to be insulting? YOU keep coming back. You’re just pissed that you’re one bone-wielding monkey in a zoo full of polit- and warblogging apes, waving and hoot-hooting as the enlightened few of us curl our collective lip and tolerate your boorishness disguised as punditry.

Funny that you turn to insult the same readers that you were attempting to court two days ago. I point! I laugh! I picture you in silly pink panties!

You’ve got potential, but I’ve got five years on you in this medium and (as talented as you may be) a brain like a shotgun, hands double barrels and spraying words up under your petty-acting petulant hide.

Bon vivant, my aching ass.

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  1. R.G. 6.3.2005

    I *heart* Jett!

  2. Richard D. Bartlet 6.6.2005

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