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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 9, 2005 || 8:00 pm


So, Maxim was mowing the lawn on Saturday. He always tends to get a little randy after yardwork, because the first time we, erm, traded fluids was after a hearty afternoon of him mowing and me hauling clippings as well as the various yard detritus that falls by the wayside when you are sprucing up the outdoors a wee bit. There you have it, folks; we crossed the line from best friends to sack shakers because he mowed my yard in the course of Just Being A Good Guy.

Fresh grass cuttings: aphrodisiac. You didn’t know?

On Saturday he came inside, spied me lounging across the bed reading a novel, then grinned at me lewdly.

MAXIM: Show me what made you famous, girl.

JETT: Welp, I can’t unzip my skull, so I guess I’ll unzip my pants.

I worried only minimally about the leg-throbby end to the whole Climbing All Over One Another Thing: I am a risk-taker, I have loads of pain medication left, and I was horny as all-hell from the forced abstinence and ginger bed-movement that my injuries have required (meaning, I guess, that were I able to jump on the bed, I wouldn’t have been so keyed up…whatever).

Now, you folks, I’m happy to report that the whole getting-my-eyeballs-jostled-for-a-couple-hours thing went delightfully well, and the sex life of the Superiors what’s in charge is back on its delicious track.

Just so you weren’t left wondering.

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  1. CNL 6.10.2005


    I’m so glad you shared that with us all… Sounds much more fun than the bi-coastal, long distance, non-satisfactory, whoopy I’m having. LOL

  2. Skillzy 6.10.2005


    Thanks for the update. A link to a flickr album would be nice accompaniment.

  3. MerryMadMonk 6.10.2005

    Grass cuttings …


    All these years.

    Well heck.

    By the way, I think Skillzy’s suggestion has great merit.

  4. redclay 6.11.2005

    i bet you have a very nice yard.


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