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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 24, 2005 || 3:28 pm

Fire the Torch

I want to learn to weld,

To make dead objects sing

By virtue of the fact

I have seen fit to knit them

–Fat bead of bleeding metal

Though frozen, seeming to pulse–


(for Chris, who was the first person, in all five years of my doing this blogging thing, to ever drop a line in my e-mail saying that he comes here first and foremost for the poetry. the rest of you will just have to suck it up when I go careening wildly off the path, slapping more poems together for him. crybabies.)

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  1. skillzy 6.25.2005

    I come here first and foremost for the NASCAR truck racing coverage, and I must say, you need to pick it up a bit.

  2. chris robinson 6.25.2005

    Bless you, Jett. A collection of your poetry would be just the thing (as my Grandmother used to say). And “Fire the Torch” is just great.

  3. Jettomatika 6.25.2005

    I know, I know. There are ‘others’ (to read:  

  4. Jettomatika 6.25.2005

    Wait. Let’s do that again.

    Skillzy: I know, I know. There are others (to read: MELISSA) that come here in hopes of fondling my boobies one day.

    They’ll go unsatisfied, as well.

  5. marc 6.26.2005

    Oh no…poetry. Dammit, I’m too stupid to understand poetry.

  6. redclay 6.26.2005

    portry is

    just a story

    with very

    short lines.

  7. Jettomatika 6.26.2005

    Right. For those of us what’s distractable.

    “Oooh….shiny things!”

    “Wait. What were you saying?”

  8. Jettomatika 6.26.2005

    and marc:

    no worries. technically, I’m not gifted enough to write it.

    I’ll pretend to do it with a flourish. you pretend to be bowled over. everybody wins.

  9. The Dane 6.27.2005

    By crybabies, did you mean me?

  10. Coelecanth 6.27.2005

    Gifted is in the eye of the beholder, now where the hell did I put that visine?

  11. marc 6.28.2005

    Eep. Judging from the timestamp on my comment, someone shouldn’t have been browsing about commenting at that time. I’m not going to say who, but he looks and sounds an awful lot like me.


  12. Jettomatika 6.28.2005

    You missed the part where we’re supposed to be pretending.

    Marc, stop fucking things up!

  13. marc 6.28.2005

    Dammit! Sorry! I’m not used to pretending to fuck up!

    I’m just too good at really fucking up.

  14. Jettomatika 6.30.2005

    DANE: shuh. you know i did.


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