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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 21, 2005 || 1:16 pm

Hep a brutha out.

Okay, I’ve gone through the first two-and-a-half years of the five years’-worth of entries here in order to narrow the field for the Southern Bloggers book submission. Please, please, do me the kindness of perusing these entries. Then tell me, from your delightful readery standpoint, which entry or two are the freshest reads for you. Which ones ‘pop’. Which ones you’d like to see in ‘official’ print.

I am a hokey freak.

Of Milkshakes And Greenery

“Mom, you are SO rock an’ roll.”

Somebody’s gotta provide the entertainment.

Pillar Of The Community

How’re we gonna pull this off?

Get Thee Behind Me, Fear Of Aging!

Cinnamon Roll Chalice

Let there be peace.

Game On

Our Lady Of The Nighttime Park

Favored Child

Our Own Tribe

Highs and Lullabys

Vignette: I-65 Wandering

Complimented vs. Completed

A Couple Good Beatin’ Stories

This Is Christmas

Granted, they need polishing, so hold off on ‘editorial-style’ commentary unless it pertains to content, please. It would be preferable for y’all to hit the comments, but if any of you are uncomfortable with that, I am of course accepting e-mail. I’ll be shaking out the rest of the archives this week and posting a few things from February of two-aught-aught-three to present for you guys to give me input on, as well.

Love you, mean it!

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  1. jen 6.21.2005

    i’m contemplating picking my favorite based entirely on the title of the post….but, i can’t decide between ‘a couple good beatin’ stories’ and ‘get thee behind me, fear of aging!”……hrm.

  2. john 6.23.2005

    I’m having a hard time narrowing the field.

    The one that jumped out and grabbed my heart with both hands till my eyes leaked was “Game On.” ” Our Lady Of The Nighttime Park” and “Our Own Tribe” both have a poetic style that I adore so much I can’t put one over the other. “Mom, you are SO rock an’ roll” contains a testament to how you can mix sensitivity and strength with utter clarity in a whole heap of wordy “OUMPF!” right there in the 4th to last paragraph. That rocks.

  3. chris robinson 6.24.2005

    I lost my first response, so let me try again. I read you because your poetry moves me and this sensibility radiates in your prose too. “Let There Be Peace” is a touching little portrait. “Our Lady..” is really fine too. But if I went through your archive, I could probably find a long list of pieces that I really admired. There were things when you were taking classes that I remember making me laugh out loud.

  4. Coelecanth 6.27.2005

    Let’s see: Boss gone for the day, check. Slurpee of the brown variety, check. Read all the offerings, check. Yup, I’m ready.

    The three that stuck with me:

    Of Milkshakes and Greenery

    Got me a little teared up. It has a message that I think should be banged into the foreheads of every human till it leaves a bigassed permanent dimple: love needs tending. If you rely on birthdays and anniversaries to convey how you feel you’re doing it all wrong.

    Our Lady of the NIghttime Park

    There’s a feel to this one that really hit home. Funny and strangely gentle it evoked that mood of inspiration and interuption perfectly.

    Game On

    Raw and painfully real. A dagger to the heart reminder that behind that internety curtain is a real person talking about real people. It’s too easy to forget this whence staring at the little screen, being entertained, or not. It also contains a vital reminder, right there at the end, that we on the other side are also real. Our actions have affects, unexpected and hopefully good. We need to remember that when we reach out.

    I really believe in the social nature of humanity, that shared pain is lessened and shared joy in increased. The best of your posts seem to have this front and center, so ,uh, thanks for sharing!

  5. Jettomatika 6.28.2005

    brown? BROWN? They make brown slurpees??

    more importantly…why would you drink one?


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