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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 1, 2005 || 3:25 pm

My GOD, man! It’s spectahhhhcular!

Please, everybody, try not to hyperventilate when you hear the news.

For the first time in three whole weeks, I fixed my hair!

I mean, I’ve been brushing it, and washing it, and looping it in a frustrated, sloppy ponytail on occasion, but today I actually Worked the Coif Mojo. I keep winking at myself in the mirror.

You people LOOK OUT when I’m able to get to the mascara!

::: :: ::: :: ::: :: :::

I originally got the grey cast because I was gonna do a ‘project’ on it. Then I got sort of lazy, because I was all like, “You know what? This fucker is coming off on the thirteenth! Bullshit on all that effort, only to have it thrown out so soon.”

While I was sleeping the other day, the children got together quietly* and wrote on the front of the cast while I was sleeping. So now, in silver Sharpie marker and centered perfectly down the front of the big grey monstrosity encasing my leg, is the following:

i do my own stunts.

Ha-ha, kids. Pack your shit. Bootcamp for all of you.

At least it sort of coordinates with the theme of the signs (oh, I’ve not told you? Mathias is All About The Signs these days) Mathias securely and thoroughly taped to the back of my wheelchair, reading “Im SoRRy YoU had A caR WReCk” and “I LovE YOU

Did I mention that he didn’t skimp on the tape?

So, I could tell you about the idear now, so that we’ll all be ready to roll when THE BIG THIRTEENTH gets on over here!

I want to collage my cast, and I want you people to mail me something to be decoupaged on there. It will be your ’signature’, and will be a lot more fun than all that “haha, you braked yore laig!” and “get better soon, Jettaroo!” crap that is standard fare for the fiberglass-wearing set. What do you think?

Also, it will require the use of a P.O. box, as there are some genuine crazybastards that visit here (you know who you are, you cutie-pies!) and I’m not fully okay with hanging it all out there. I don’t presently have one set up. I know some of you have one, as I’ve sent stuff there in the past; would you be willing to share temporarily? I WILL SEND YOU PRIZEY GOODNESS AS A THANK YOU for bundling up all the mail and forwarding it on to me.

Okay, fellow interwebnet gods and goddesses, your favorite feisty dork is signing off for now. I think I may be up for some cosmetic enhancement now.

*and that, kind reader, is a thing of miraculous proportions.

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  1. peter 6.1.2005

    Ooo, i can’t even begin to contemplate what original, emblematic, and slightly naughty thing i would want to have decoupaged to you on my behalf. This will take some thinking…

  2. Jettomatika 6.1.2005

    That’s the spirit, Pete!

    BTW, e-mail me, re: setting up a time to chat about the ‘thon.

  3. Shamrock 6.1.2005

    When you get a P.O. box, let us know. I haven’t got one, but have a picture for your gun-metal cast . . .


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