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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 7, 2005 || 4:10 pm

Oh hell, how I love them.

I didn’t realize how much the simple act of recuperating takes out of you. Last week I had a staff meeting and two pressing meetings (shhh, don’t tell my doctor) with GALs. My friend and coworker Julie came to fetch me and bring me home; all in all it took six hours tops. I was home by three and at three-thirty, I was on the couch, physically exhausted. Me! The person who blinked in shock and wonder in the past if you told me that I actually could sleep more than six hours on any given night.

So yeah, that whole part of this thing is surprising to me. Somewhere in me, a little recovery factory is busy-busy-busy knitting together various bits and pieces necessary to my locomotion. And somehow, magically, even though I’m mostly just sitting here, it is taxing the fuck out of me. That concept is just blowing me away.

That, and the fact that the exposed skin on my foot and toes is crackling in an eerie and glassine fashion. It’s like someone has taken the sharpest of X-acto knives and carefully filleted my skin in a series of diagonal, graceful cuts as I slept last night.

Sort of creepy, but if crazing doesn’t bother pottery collecters, I’m not gonna let it faze me.

My family is really, really trying to lighten the load and make the best of things while I’m recuperating. Like right now, for instance.

Thirteen-year-old Sam is back there in the kitchen, dancing his heart out, making chili for dinner, and playing ‘We Are The Champions’ on an orange kazoo. Because crafting a culinary masterpiece of beef, tomato paste and cayenne pepper is a challenge before the whole human race he ain’t gonna lose.

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  1. Coelecanth 6.17.2005

    I busted my arm a couple of years ago. The cut me open and bolted on a plate, sadly not big enough to set off airport metal detectors. I couldn’t believe how much it took out of me. A month later I could barely walk home from work. I remember thinking “What the fuck is this about?” It’s my arm so why aren’t my legs working?”

    Sounds like you’ve got a better grasp on the whole “healing process” than I did.


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