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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 2, 2005 || 12:50 pm

Oh, the visuals.

What would be a hoot is if a whole buncha menfolk show up.

Like a big bloggery panty raid.

THAT is what I’D pay to attend.

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  1. Cush 6.2.2005

    Yo, jett girl… Loving YOU!!! Sorry ’bout the accident, sounds like that sucks. If anyone can make a cast look sexy – it would be you I’m sure.

    Didnt know you dig Zakk Wylde… He rocks, supreme.

    Gonna have a baby girl in the next few weeks. (me, that is… uh, well, I mean my wife is)

    ok, thats it… get well so we can be irresponsible and run away together…


  2. john 6.2.2005

    For some reason blogher reminds me of that scene in Airplane…


    [Guy behind him desk a women standing next to him.]

  3. john 6.2.2005

    That should be “decks” not desk. Though I suppose someone could get desked. I’m just not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing.

    (and I almost hit submit with another typo, which would have triggered an infinite regression for my capacity to commit errors is as boundless as my need to correct them-so I’m safe for now…)


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