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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 14, 2005 || 8:30 pm

General Orders A Humble Request

Alright, folks.

Most of you who’ve been around here for a bit know that I’ve got my pet causes and such, but I don’t march them out in front of you much, beyond the links list and the once-a-year thing I do with the Blogathon (I am one of the one-oh-one original bloggers that got laughed at, thankyouverymuch!).

But you know, I really am sexually attracted to like and respect and am rooting for this lady right here very much. If you’re not familiar with Moody, she is compassionate and hard and sassy and very tender. She’s everything a good woman should be and then some.

A few weeks ago she, with much angst and hand-wringing and chagrin and whatever, posted a link to Light the Night and requested sponsor donations toward the local cancer walk planned for September. In a grody, ironic, suckass sort of twist, it was not long after that when she found that her sister has cancer.

Frankly, worrying for her sister (among other things) is starting to grind on her.

SO, since –for various and sundry reasonages– I’m unable to do the Blogathon this year, I’d like to propose that my regular readers-slash-sponsors take your little hot selves with your massive fistfuls of cash on over to Moody’s site.

She has about a hunnert-fifty dollars in the kitty thus far. Last time I blogged for charity (Blogathon ‘03, before the ‘thon took a year’s hiatus), you people got me up around the seven-fifty, eight-hundred mark. I sure would be appreciative if you guys would raise the numbers over there. I don’t think a thousand dollars is a whole lot to ask.

The quicker you fill the bucket, the quicker I stop stumping for her. Easy math, you cuties.

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