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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 2, 2005 || 11:21 pm

Tingly nether regions

My dearest Kim Kelzer,

I will be your concubine if only you will turn out clever footstools and media cabinets for me on a semi-regular basis. I’m totally a renaissance woman; you shant be disappointed.

Your hands sure are awesome,

Jett “I Knows Art When I Sees Art” Superior

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For other nifty furniture artisans (including John Eric Byers, who makes me want to jump around yelling, “Woo! WOOO!” because those fucking dressers and chests are so phenomenally outstanding), check out the list on Old Fashioned Milk Paint’s ‘gallery’ page. They put out a tasty product: Beautiful colors, beautiful finish, rowr.

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