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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 25, 2005 || 12:39 am

You know what, interwebnet?

I’m perfectly sick of hearing people who have perfectly lovely homes, cars, families and lives in general bitch and moan about their ’state of things’ and how tedious or horrible or unfortunate they are.

Look, everyone has an off day now and again; I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about people who have no earthly right to complain, yet still do over and over and over and fucking over until I want to twine both hands in my (silky, shiny, bouncy) hair and scream,

“Shut UP, you big fucking petulant complaining-ass moron! SHUT! UP!”

Why oh why do people not get tired of living like that? And why do others consistently encourage their asinine behavior by cheering it on? It’s not called support, dearhumanrace, it’s called enabling. Make it stop.

(this vague rant brought to you by the letter cee and the number twenty-eight.)

(real, actual content pretty soon. things have been nutso in my life for a magical thirteen days or so)

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  1. skillzy 7.25.2005

    Haha, yesterday my wife made a comment about how hard it was being married to her. I said, yeah there was that time you stabbed me in my sleep, and that time you disappeared for 3 months, and that time you maxed out all the credit cards to buy crack, and oh yeah that time you slept with my brother (that one really cracked her up, cause I don’t have a brother).

    Everything is relative. If you’ve never really had it rough, then stuff that seems rough to you seems trivial to people who have been through worse. They can’t help it if they’ve had it easy.

  2. skillzy 7.25.2005

    Oh, and Im sure the nutso will pass soon enough. And having you in my phone as “Superior Industries” saved me from a bunch of tedious ’splainin the other night. LOLZ!

    Call me when you can talk if you need to vent/bitch/cuss/etc. I’ll be the pillow you can scream into.

  3. Coelecanth 7.25.2005

    When someone is whinging about nothing I usually stick in “…and then your water-buffalo died and your whole family starved cause you couldn’t get the crop planted. Oh wait, you live in North America.” It shuts em up, at least out of confusion if nothing else.

  4. Daddy O Del O Rama in Technicolor! 7.26.2005

    you weren’t there man…you weren’t in the shit…I was in the shit…were you in the shit?… no…….you don’t know…you weren’t THERE man!

    In all seriousness, I tend to agree that anyone who complains about anything in most of North America is really in need of a good bitch slapping; then I remember it’s probablly not a good idea to judge others till I walked a mile in their moccasins and (said somewhat tongue inb cheek) I will be damned if I want to put those stinky things on!

  5. john 7.27.2005

    “Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.”- Lily Tomlin

    I don’t think Tim Berners-Lee wanted us to then let the networked world know, but the online crab fest is at least easier to avoid than the traditional mode. I make it a point to avoid such places and yet end up complaining about the general state of things in the world myself.


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