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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 5, 2005 || 4:18 pm

He delighteth me so.

I always think that Mathias can never top himself. Come onnnn, if you had incidents like Cheerleaderboy, you’d think that way too. I tell you no lie: My life is an adventure, and the reins of that adventure are often slapped by Mathias.

But then he goes and says or does something that I find remarkably inventive and crazy-funny. Like today, for instance. He was watching teevee while I did some ‘thon-related work. He turned to me at one point, and with his matter-of-fact face fixed firmly said, “Those Bradys are a mean family.”

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  1. del 8.7.2005

    The Bradys are a mean family; especially Sarah.

    On a child note, today was teh first day we treated little sparky to music.

    The first song was Blind Melon’s “Galaxy” which the kid decidely did not like.

    Second was a Gregorian chant which seemed to have a calming effect.

    Third was ELO’s “Fire On High” which got about the same reaction as “Galaxy”.

    So, unless we are completely misreading the baby’s reaction, the kid won’t be a hippie.

    You know, this little event might be enough for me to actually start my own Blog….naaaaa.

  2. Jettomatika 8.7.2005


    She was bornded already? It hasn’t been long enough!

    Unless, of course, you are talking in utero. (which is also an album every baby should hear)

  3. del 8.7.2005

    Yep 13 weeks along and the baby (to be) is already being exposed to music.

    When we went to the latest ultrasound (5 of ‘em in 8 weeks!) the kid was moving around like you wouldn’t believe – think light saber wielding yoda in the next to the last star wars movie; so we thought, what better than to get the kid some music to bust a move to?

    I would love to say we spent much time and thought on the song selection, but we bought an ipod shuffle (specifically for this purpose) on saturday, threw it on th ‘puter and let it auto load.

    All the baby can hear now is deep base so I suppose I should start picking the music…and yes, “in utero” will be on the playlist sooner or later.

  4. skillzy 8.8.2005

    My little angels were having a conversation on the way down to the beach and somehow it got to a point where the daughter said “you don’t wanna go to South America, it sucks” to which the little guy yelled, “well, ASIA DOESN’T SUCK! They have lots of kung-fu guys”. Who can argue with that?

  5. Jettomatika 8.8.2005

    Jack wields logic like no other….even if he didn’t, you better recognize, because you don’t want to get choked.


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