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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 19, 2005 || 11:59 pm

Most ludicrous thing I’ve heard today:

Via the television in the Superioriffic Family Room:

“Three punk rockers’ defiant pursuit of superstardom.”

Shut UP.

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  1. V. 8.22.2005

    I think punk officially died in 1982. That was when I first laced up my brand new Docs and had my hair shorn close to the scalp by my friends mom.

    I’m sorry, but I am pretty sure that I killed punk.

  2. V. 8.22.2005

    Friend’s mom. It should be as possessive as she was.

  3. Jettomatika 8.22.2005

    I KNEW there was someone to pin it on!!!

    Your honesty is refreshing, sir.

  4. Coelecanth 8.24.2005

    V: Damn, am I glad to hear that. I thought it was me in 1983 getting my ear pierce at a mall, stone cold sober, by a woman old enough to be my great grandma.

    Shoulda known better, I’m Canadian and we never fuck anything up.

    I knew for sure it was dead by 1988. I was talking to a guy from the Beat Farmers. They’d just play a gig opening for, fuck I can’t remember who mighta been D.O.A., in a venue where there were two lines painted on the stage edge. The bouncers would only let one kid on the stage at a time and they had to dive from between the lines…AND THEY WERE DOING IT! Bah.

  5. skillzy 8.24.2005

    Well since you brought up the Beat Farmers, the Canadians DID kill Country Dick in 1995. So you kinda fucked that up for us.

  6. Jettomatika 8.24.2005

    “…I’m Canadian and we never fuck anything up.”

    Silly goose, you people fuck up things like ‘colours’ and ‘flavours’ and most words that are supposed to end in ‘-ize’, choosing instead to wussy them up with an ess.

    I could mention milk in BAGS rather than cartons, bottles or jugs, but I’m still far too amazed and just plain tickled at the concept to mock that one openly.

    Milk! In bags! Not the kind still attached to the COW! *woozy with delight*

  7. Coelecanth 8.25.2005

    Bugger me sideways! I’d forgotten about those milk bags. You had to buy a special jug to pour them. Don’t exist anymore. It’s too bad really, dropping them from a height was always good for a laugh.

    I cherish the extra letters in our written language. It gives it more colour and distinguishes it from that of our dear neighbours to the south. But I’m with ya on the whole ess/ize thing, z is to good a letter not to use at every opportunity. We’re gonna have to disagree on what it’s called though, Zeeeee is so weak.

    And hold on with killing Country Dick shit. He died in Whistler British Columbia, just north of Vancouver. Everyone knows that Lotus Land isn’t really part of Canada.

  8. del 8.26.2005

    Punk was killed off by Mr. Walt Disney andthe 5 jew bankers..really I have proof on an old 8mm movie.

    Maybe that was just an old home movie.

    On the Canada comment: Good thing the Chalk River meltdown (and the following 45 some years of toxic waste dumping) occured in Ontario; which we all know isn’t REALLY part of Canada!!

  9. Jettomatika 8.26.2005

    My readers are all terrible, wonderful people.

  10. del 8.26.2005

    Sure, your readers are, how about those of us that get your Blog on tape?

  11. MerryMadMonk 8.27.2005

    Tape? She doesn’t FedEx you the latest DVD? Pity, that.

  12. del 8.29.2005

    dvd…nah, but someday Ms. Superior will discover Podcasting, then we will all get to revel in her sermons from the mount!

    and to MS. Superior:

    “If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s going to break

    A-when the levee breaks, have no place to stay”

    Keep the kids out of tornados and stay safe, looks like the storm is headed Hellabama way…


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