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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 11, 2005 || 8:40 pm

No energy for a title.

Oh my God, my heart just broke into two gigantic hunks and is bleeding out there all over the nice floor.

I can no longer be a mother. It is killing me dead.

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  1. brynne 8.12.2005

    SO sorry to hear that…

  2. Jettomatika 8.12.2005

    Okay, I was crying when I came here, but now I’m laughing like a lunatic, because I can now see how that COULD read.

    I’m not infertile. I just have teenagers.

  3. Jettomatika 8.12.2005

    And Brynne, Muffinass #1, thank you for de-cloaking to offer your sympathies. >:o)

  4. V. 8.12.2005

    Sugar, I’ve been binding my heart back together with bailing wire for so long I’ve begun to enjoy the chill it brings to that fragile organ when winter comes around.

    Don’t use duct tape. In your climate it will just get all slimy and slip off.

    Finally, it is sentiments such as that you have expressed that make me glad I paid extra to render myself infertile.

    Take care, Jett.

  5. V. 8.12.2005

    Fuck. Now all the spam bots know how to send me fuck friend and weiner pill spam.

  6. Jettomatika 8.12.2005

    Dearest V.,

    I miss you, stupid.

    Loaves and fishes,


  7. V. 8.12.2005

    And I, I miss you. Maybe I should hang around your email box looking at my feet as I scuff them on the sidewalk, wondering if you’re home.

    And you still have Cheerleader Boy (god do I envy his coming college years, holding short skirted tarts aloft). A boy like that will break hearts… just not his Mama’s.

  8. V. 8.12.2005

    Fuck. I did it again. I swear I need to wear a helmet, even indoors.

  9. CNL 8.13.2005

    Ah yes, teenagers. The heartache and heartbreak of owning them immeasurable…

    The good news is they eventually grow up and move away…

    and move back…

    and move away…

    and move back…

    And then you grow old and move in with them just long enough to drive them as crazy as they drove you. Well, that’s my plan, anyway.

    BTW – stepdaughter is not good about giving messages. Check yer email.

    Luv, me

  10. FNA(Bob) 8.16.2005

    Does anyone know how to switch bodies with teenage boys so that I, too, may witness the spectacle that is holding teenage girl’s, nubile bodies aloft while gazing upward toward the promised land?

    I have to go, got some visuals, there is “work” to be done…

    pee ess I thought I would add my own letters to identify me. I don’t like being odd man out. I want to be part of the inner circle with V and CNL.

  11. Jettomatika 8.16.2005

    Okay, but…

    what the hell does ‘FNA’ stand for?

  12. V. 8.16.2005

    Despite what some may think, I have never been invited into a circle, inner or otherwise.

    This is for the best as I wouldn’t know what to bring to the pot lucks.

  13. LOLZ (skillzy) 8.16.2005

    Someone misspelled Fuckin New Guy? Fun Not Allowed? Feeling Naughty Again? Fried Nanner Appetizers? Fags Not Allowed! Farts Not Art. I could go on.

  14. Jettomatika 8.16.2005

    V: Yeah, I got mostly no luck and what pot I have I don’t just share out with anyone (fucking hippies and their fucking free love, share the weed philosophies make the rest of us normal folks LOOK BAD)

    Skillz: You must stop. NOW. You had red meat dreams last night, dintchoo?

  15. Jettomatika 8.16.2005

    …and, to clear it all up, I called Bob today and he was riffing on ‘effin ay’.

    hillbillies. what’re you gonna do??

  16. del 8.16.2005

    heart in parts? gee. I don’t know what to say…does sorry suffice?

  17. fish 8.17.2005

    Hey honey! Long time no see.

    And I pop ’round and you seem to be down. Maybe I should read up on what’s been going on with you.

    I’ve been disconnected for several months now, and just got back online this week. Shitloads of water have passed under the bridge in the meantime.

    I’m sure it’s the same with you. I’d love to chat though, so send me your current email if you have a ‘mo and the urge to palaver.

    I miss you’re incomparable attitood.

  18. Oh my Lord! If you ever deny an invitation to ‘palaver’ I would like to be informed. I have No Idea what a palaver is but it sounds more than terrific, don’t it?

    (See how I used poor grammar there… don’t it”; I’m trying to get into a circle too. Damn my colonial heritage, what!)

  19. Jettomatika 8.17.2005

    *pats Wretched on his eedle head*

  20. Jettomatika 8.17.2005

    Oh, fishy, I was just reading our Blogathon exploits the other day and laughing all foo-like.


    …that and the ‘fuckhole’ post, which made me all misty, but warmed me to read your words of comfort again: “There is a solid core of rage in every thinking woman.”

    Indeedly-doo, m’love.

    You funny girl. Yes, I want to hear the doings with Tim and Sam and da’. Please spill: the gmail addy is linked at the end of posts. If you no longer have the digits, I can send them along once you mail me.

    (there are doings here, too!)

  21. Moody 8.17.2005

    just came here to play with your buttons.

    i bet you hear that a lot.

  22. Jettomatika 8.17.2005

    Only from the really classy babes, doll.


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