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|| August 11, 2005 || 8:40 pm || Comments (22) ||

No energy for a title.

Oh my God, my heart just broke into two gigantic hunks and is bleeding out there all over the nice floor.

I can no longer be a mother. It is killing me dead.

|| August 5, 2005 || 4:18 pm || Comments (5) ||

He delighteth me so.

I always think that Mathias can never top himself. Come onnnn, if you had incidents like Cheerleaderboy, you’d think that way too. I tell you no lie: My life is an adventure, and the reins of that adventure are often slapped by Mathias.

But then he goes and says or does something that I find remarkably inventive and crazy-funny. Like today, for instance. He was watching teevee while I did some ‘thon-related work. He turned to me at one point, and with his matter-of-fact face fixed firmly said, “Those Bradys are a mean family.”

|| August 2, 2005 || 10:20 pm || Comments (3) ||

A teensy peek behind the curtain.

Although I’m not able to do the Blogathon as a blogger this year, I’m still behind the scenes on the team. I’ve been given a promotion of sorts, and The Amazing Technotard who could barely open and close a tag five years ago (roundabout when I started this whole gig) is part of the Admin Squad, managing the Webcams and Hot Spots sections.

Because it filled me with both chagrin and laughter to have to send it, I’ma copy a piece a of e-mail correspondence here for your general Muffinass Delight.

Hi there ***,

As this is a family, mainstream event, I need to ask you to tone down the graphic a bit. Showing a close-up of a toy, showing a whip or a pair of handcuffs would be acceptable, but we cannot possibly post a collage of dildoes on the site.

Your description is absolutely fine as it stands. I just need a new graphic.

Thanks so much,

Jett, Hot Spots Wench and General Lackey

‘Dildo’ does have an ‘e’ when pluralized, right? RIGHT??