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|| September 30, 2005 || 10:53 pm || Comments (1) ||


Hey, psst. Yeah, yeah, you.

There’s an update over on the Katrina Kids Relief page. If you don’t remember how to get there, you can mash on this word to get there.

|| September 26, 2005 || 12:49 pm || Comments (2) ||

My knowledge is ever-expanding. PH34R.

Truth be known, I could do without Jimmy Neutron. I patiently watch that show with Mathias (and sometimes Piper), however, for two reasons: Goddard, who is Jimmy’s beloved dog and Sheen, who is one of his sidekick-bestpal thingies.

Sheen is four things I love in a man…he is wildly spastic, sort of obsessive, passionately devoted and he’s the owner of some poofy black hair. I have been searching for a t-shirt with him on it for nigh on four years now. Sadly, this mission has gone unfulfilled.

During one of my more recent bouts of ferocious searching, I found out Sheen’s last name. It’s Estevez. Then I had a stroke from laughing so hard because…Sheen Estevez? Pure brilliance. Sheen Estevez, my people!

The one where I bitch about the miscasting of Renee once again.

I don’t know…correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall that the THE INIMITABLE, LEGENDARY Janis Joplin ever wrote a song of epic, hair-tearing proportions about some spotty skin.

Media: I know that I could never, ever in a million years expect that you will stop saying stupid things. Still, I’m compelled to remind you that it’s bad enough that Hollywood has cast Zellweger. Stop reaching far into your asses in order to correlate her somehow, anyhow to Janis. Just shut the fuck up about it. Let’s all move on.

|| September 17, 2005 || 12:54 pm || Comments (7) ||

Cheerleaderboy branches out.

:: expectant mathias, september ‘05 ::

Last weekend Mathias got into the dress-up closet

:: the dress-up closet, circa ‘02 ::

to rummage around and ended up wiggling into one of Scout’s old Hallerweenie costumes. It would be baffling as to how he managed it if he weren’t such a skinny kid. As it was, it was downright roomy, if a little short. When he emerged into the living room from the family room, his sisters were shaken from their VH1-induced (see television in above pic, bleck) reverie and exploded into giggles that shook several square blocks. Mathias, ever the ham, jumped and spun and did his best Lord Of The Dance moves for them. The more they hooted, the more enthused and exuberant he became. He did this huge number that ended up with him on one knee, arms thrown wide, shouting “TA-DAAAAAAAA!”

We all know that girls are instinctively mean, so it should come as no surprise to you that before long, Piper challenged him to go out onto the front lawn, wait for passers-by (in the form of cars, most especially) and run around the yard while waving like a lunatic at them. The exchange went something like this:

PIPER: Whaddaya say?

MATHIAS: No way.

SCOUT: Come ONNNNN, that would be so cool.

PIPER: I’ll give you a dollar.*


Mathias is a non-conformist, but capitalism always wins out, as there are Galactic Heroes available for purchase that he does not yet own.

Our street is rather quiet and he got tired of standing in the yard waiting, so the girls struck a compromise with him whereby he could stand at the front window watching and then run out the door (directly to the right of the windows pictured above) to visually assault any passing traffic. He ‘brightened up the day’ of several motorists before I finally put a stop to all the ruckus and bade him to molt his exofur. Before he did that, though, he went to collect from Scout and Piper.

He came back unhappy. Seems he misunderstood the bargain struck; Piper said one dollar and when Scout chimed in he assumed she would pony up, as well. Thus, behold the very face of frustrated disappointment, Loyal and Wonderful Muffinasses:

:: mathias gypped, september ‘05 ::

*she has been working since the end of July and is flamboyant with her wealth, as the nouveau riche tend to be

|| September 8, 2005 || 8:51 pm || Comments (2) ||


I swear on all that is holy that I just read this news and got all swoony. It’s amazing how easy it is to be thirteen again.

Johnny was my boyfriend, and I was most like Ponyboy personality-wise. How ’bout you?

Man, oh man, I just remembered a story, and it’s ripe for the pluckin’. I’ll come tell it to y’all this weekend. I’ve had enough for tonight.

|| September 8, 2005 || 7:41 pm || Comments (4) ||

I’m just a QUITTER.

Smoke-free for six months today; that’s after nearly twenty years of smoking.* Go me!

*Yes, I started at a shamefully young age. No, my mother did not know.

|| September 7, 2005 || 5:35 am || Comments (2) ||

Oh, like YOU’ve never done it.

Yesterday afternoon I sat at a stop sign for three or four minutes, waiting on it to turn green. Me=punchy.

REMINDER: Katrina Kids Relief has moved over here.