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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 1, 2005 || 10:05 pm


Dust off your PayPal accounts, dear Muffinasses….I’ve something in the works. More on this tomorrow.

I’ve exhausted myself with worry and upset. I’m going to hit myself repeatedly with a hammer until I’m unconscious.

Remember, the HurricAid site is doing an excellent job of compiling resources and links. From volunteer/host housing to pet rescue to insurance claims and you name it, they’re actively disseminating information and are making fine work of it. They are providing one hell of a service in an awful time.

pee ess…Mother called me from the middle of Mississippi a handful of hours ago; “ASSUME,” she shouted at me, “THAT NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. PHONE SERVICE IS GETTING SKETCHY AND WE WILL CALL AS SOON AS WE CAN PICK UP A SIGNAL ON THE RETURN TRIP.” Which, by her estimation, will be sometime tomorrow afternoon. They do not want to be a drain on the resources they are delivering.

Thanks for the e-mail and calls, you kooky kids. Blessings on you.

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