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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 5, 2005 || 9:31 pm


First things first: Katrina Kids Relief has its own site and a PayPal account attached to the church. Those of you waiting until that happened, you may now go forth linking and donating! Everyone who’s linked to date: Thanks, and can I now trouble you to redirect your links over there?

Second things second: I spent a chunk of Saturday evening and yesterday reading ugly, ugly things about ay) me personally and bee) the KKR project. The people involved were obviously big doody-covered assplunderers looking for something/someone to target and had little to no social skills or reading comprehension capabilities whatsoever obviously not read the entry on my site about the project; they’d found a blurb elsewhere and ran with it, no background info needed, champ!

“How do I handle this?” says I, to myself. Funny how that got answered.

I am a person with a fierce, fierce temper. My sense of rage is so finely honed and so wonderfully accurate when I aim it at someone that you’d think the sucker was laser sighted. I peel back scalps, people, and I laugh like a crazyperson while I do it. Then I holler “Who’s NEXT??”

Every now and again somebody (or a silly group of somebodies, as was the case here) will step all over themselves to bait me, not really realizing the type of person that they are dealing with. When I am on your side, then you can smile ear to ear, because I am loyal to a fault and tenacious in the defense of those to whom I take a shine. When you are on the other side (whatever that side may be), however, you are well and truly fucked….especially if you come out swinging. I’m pretty much a live and let live kinda gal. You poke me, and I may just stir a bit. Then again, I may leap with claws and fangs bared and geez-oh-Pete you better be wearing cast iron panties because I’m gonna grab you by the ass-end and shake once or ten times.

So I was faced with a choice: I could craft a witty rejoinder that obliterates the offending party because I have three brain cells and they haven’t just recently migrated in from my butt (as seems to be the case with the charming folk I am speaking of), or I could make my genteel Southern Momma proud by smiling and nodding and continuing to serve the actual guests rather than the spiteful party crashers that blundered in, picking their scabs and farting noisily. The latter is because, dears, it is a well-known fact that you can always whip out the shotgun after matters at hand have been attended to. Plus, certain finger foods should be served fresh or not at all.

Anyway, I chose to do the former rather than the latter because right now I am about doing what’s right, not being right and any energies scattered toward the naysayers is energy that is being pulled away from KKR, which is taking up a lot of that aformentioned energy. Plus, as my pal and interwebnet legal counsel Delmer Skeets McGee is wont to remind me, arguing on the internet is futile: Even if you win, you still look like a big ole boob. Everyone knows that Cyberia exists for looking at boobs, rather than behaving like a boob. Even the people that pretend like it’s for other things know that!

So back to how that got answered. I was sitting on the loveseat next to my dear Maxim, telling him about my day and explaining how I’d been called everything but a white woman by some people snuggled comfortably behind their monitors. Piper, who doubles as our eldest daughter and our first foster child (and maybe adoptee! but I digress and there will be more on that later), had wandered in during this conversation and was patiently waiting to ask her dad something while I was telling him these things.

She grew red-faced and angry, her jaw dropping with incredulity.


“If I lost BJ, I’d bawl like a baby, and I’m nearly sixteen! He’s been everywhere with me!”

That cinched it. No more energy expended on the baddies, because Piper reminded me of how special her token bear is to her as he was with her during the difficult transitions in her life and there are a mess of kids out there who no longer have their ’special things’.

I intend to replace them. How about you help get that done? We’ll start with a batch of one-hundred and fifty children twenty minutes from here and work our way outward from there, okay?

Katrina Kids Relief

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  1. CNL 9.6.2005

    You see what I was talking about now??? (re: conversation last week.) It’s just not worth all the energy spent ripping faces off, feh. Internet a-holes are what the delete key is for. ;-)

    Off to change links.

  2. jen 9.6.2005

    link updated…and i couldn’t agree with CNL more. hang in there, dude….you’re doing a wonderful thing!

  3. sugarmama 9.6.2005

    Despite that you’re already over it, I feel like blowing a fuse. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK??? WHY WHY WHY do internet assholes insist upon trying to bring happy people down? You’d think they might consider spending that time and effort they use on hating people on getting therapy so that they can join the Land of the Happy People.

  4. Coelecanth 9.7.2005

    I’m rather fond of the anonymity that these here internets provide. Unfortunately the price of that anonymity is the Juvenile-Ass-Clowns-Of-Free-Speech spewing their hate. Fuck ‘em.

  5. del 9.8.2005

    gee, I’m sorry I missed the festivities! Send ‘em a hammer and tell them to use it to pack sand.

  6. girl 9.11.2005

    Hey! I haven’t stopped by for a while and when I finally dropped in, I saw your link for the KKR. That is so great of you to set up something like that; it is really needed. Soooo, I linked to it as did my husband-type fellow, over at donewaiting.com.

  7. Jettomatika 9.14.2005


    I had no IDEA that was you, but I did catch it like, last night or something. I saw Chip’s link, (but not to KKR?) “Do it for Johnny”, heh.

    Thanks, you guys. I like that you still both stop by.


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