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crunch time

One thing I’ve been hesitant to mention is that I have a sister down in the thick of all this mess. She is a nurse and was working her regular shift in southern Mississippi when everything started. They locked down the hospital, and she watched as windows exploded one by one. Since then, she has been busy caring for people, and unable (she is spirited and likely ‘unwilling’ is a better term) to leave.

She has two teenaged sons (eighteen and sixteen) and a toddler (two, with very squishy cheeks!) who are being very capably cared for by my brother-in-law, but he has Lupus, the symptoms of which are exacerbated by stress and lack of rest.

My momma just left me a voice mail saying that they were headed down there. I called back, and daddy said that they were running out of food, there’s none available, and that the generator will soon be useless for lack of fuel. Obviously, there is none for purchase and they’ve drained their vehicles. My nephew has a dirt bike and a four-wheeler; they are leaving the fuel untouched in those in case there is a medical or some other emergency.

My sister laughed when she told me this yesterday. “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, BETH. DIG THAT.” There was a hard edge to her laughter, but the sound of genuine mirth came forth, as well. We Superiors are strong in two areas: We have hearty senses of humor and hard-planed righteous anger. We were built for national disasters, it seems.

So momma and daddy are off to purchase five-gallon gas cans and get them filled willy-nilly before the expected additional surge in pricing. They have to purchase groceries for ten people for ten days, as well. I offered to shop for them and meet them on the road somewhere so that they could get going, but dad said no and Southern girls listen to their daddies. His logic says that if there is another trip needed, I should conserve our resources so that we can take turns.

It is going to be a long haul. I cannot get away from the pressing need to help, but in a physical sense rather than a monetary one. I don’t have much, but I want to put to use what I’ve got.

pee ess….Hurricaid. Good shtuff.