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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 6, 2005 || 7:35 am

Proof that I exist.

Barely awake.

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  1. Shamrock 10.6.2005

    Wow. It made my day to hear your voice. Hear your post. Thank you. Rest, and enjoy the cuppa.

  2. Nina 10.6.2005

    I buy the big-as-your-head mugs for that exact reason. That and I’m a coffee junkie.

  3. Skillzy 10.7.2005

    That cupping your hands around them thing also works with boobs. Preferably someone else’s, someone that has been in bed a little while before you crawl in with your cold hands.

  4. Coelecanth 10.7.2005

    Thanks for thinking of us, but anyone who doesn’t get that life is far more important than documentation oughta be beaten with the Unabridged Oxford Dictionary.

    We’ll wait for the vomit and enjoy it when it comes, cause you can never set foot in the same stream of consciousness twice.

    Oh and Skillzy: you saying you’ve gotten away with that more than once? Only time I tried it blood was shed, accidentaly, or so I was told….

  5. skillzy 10.7.2005

    I come from a long and distinguished line of boobie grabbers, booty squeezers, and belly smoochers, so maybe my technique is a little better than average. It takes a certain amount of charm to pull off successfully, there’s a thin line between “cute” and “bastard”.

  6. redclay 10.11.2005

    don’t play.

  7. skillzy 10.18.2005

    OK, I need more proof.

  8. Richard D. Bartlett 10.19.2005

    I think audlink died.

    We mourn its passing.


  9. Jettomatika 10.25.2005

    Sadly, audlink *does* appear to have wandered off, unattended, to take a piss.

    Damnit, damnit, there was funky-good unpublished audio sitting there.


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