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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 17, 2005 || 12:57 am

Today is the seventeenth! Of NOVEMBER! gah.

I just noticed that the school lunch calender from October is still hanging in its assigned place on the left-hand (freezer door) side of the fridge. I am a horrible, horrible mother, it seems.

Also, please note the title and then explain to me just what in flaming damnation happened to this year. Why is it flying by my window all fast-like, and why do I feel like the only myopic passenger on a loaded-down train?

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  1. del 12.1.2005

    yea, I can hardly wait ’till thanksgiving! oh wait, that was last week..huh.

    email me your current physical addy so I can stalk….. I mean send you something.

    and no, it’s not a cigar box.

    to close on ahigh note, here’s a story for you..wife going to first breathing class tonight, ( her mom’s the breathing coach so I can play ken burns) she went out and got a new shirt for the class: “my girlfriends out of town”.

  2. Jettomatika 12.6.2005

    Crrraaap. I guess I should check my comments more often, huh?

    I just figure that you people are bored with me and anything written in the comments is basically y’all calling me a vile, vile whore for wasting your time.

    But wait. I enjoyed that sort of thing when I first started this gig. Off to send you an e-mail; sorry!

  3. del 12.6.2005

    vile, vile woman of ill repute….

    there! revel in it.

    saw your email, will respond tomorrow while I break from helping to bury this nation deeper and deeper into a seemingly bottomless trade deficit.

    “you’ve got your job, and I’ve got mine.”


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