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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 6, 2005 || 2:05 pm

Jett Superior, e-mail nazi.

So, ever since the advent of my children’s e-mail accounts, I’ve had the login info. Every few weeks or months or whenthefuckever I can remember, I make a pass through them just to feed my healthy delusion that everything my children see, hear, touch and do is on the up-and-up.

Piper lost her e-mail account altogether a few weeks back. Fuck with me, buddy, and I’m pulling the plug. Period. I swoop in like a Valkyrie and set shit on fire and say triumphant, witty things before riding off into the haze of the evening and never looking back.

Not to mention I make a kick-ass pot of chili.

Anyhoodle, just now I was doing the rounds. I logged in to Sam’s account and there, like a pulsing magical jewel in a dark hovel, I saw it.

My eldest son subscribes to the Official Star Wars Newsletter. Pardon me while I go and daintily dab at my eyes. I’m just so very fucking proud, you people!

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  1. Suzanne 12.9.2005

    Good for you Super Mom! (If only all parents checked children’s internet and email use!)

  2. Suzanne 12.9.2005

    And another thing…. I am salivating for some of your delicious Christmas past and present tales!


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