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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 4, 2005 || 7:37 pm

There’s always one of ‘em.

I’m hungry. However, before I wander into the kitchen to slap a burrito together, I guess I’d better throw you faithful and wonderful people a bone*.

(I’m gonna stop phoning it in soon, I swear.)

For that asshole on your Christmas list who seems to have it all, there’s this little must-have gem.

*if you’ve already clicked the link, GEDDIT?? BONE??? AHHHHhahaha! I miss you squirrelly bastards.

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  1. skillzy 12.5.2005

    Hopefully that book has lots of warnings about possible paper cuts and allergic reactions. I’d hate for them to get sued for causing pain and suffering.

  2. logically 12.6.2005

    Sicko. Wonderful, brilliant sicko…

    Check YOUR email. I need to verify your phone number…

  3. del 12.6.2005

    hey, antiquechrist….call me, we’ll go riding…in kansas har har.


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