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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 27, 2006 || 10:45 pm

Ohhh, you madcap so-and-sos.

So this guy walks in today and I’m all, “ANDY! What a great shirt!”

It was a collared thing, a bit of a nubby weave, grey and white which came out to a heather grey sort of effect. Very appealing and all that. Then I stepped around the wall surrounding my desk to pull his file and got the full-length view.

My dears, he was wearing khakis.

Why do you menfolk do this? Even my own male people, whom I’ve counseled gently over and over on this matter, mix the khaki pants and the heather grey shirt. For once and for all, ye of the testeresterownie,

heather grey + khaki = NOPE.

It has to be something that hearkens back to the hunter-gatherer thing; that’s all I can figure. Or alien mind control. Or some sort of passive-aggresive torture crap that you Testicle People do to the Ovary People.


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  1. skillzy 2.28.2006

    Heather grey? Heather ghey is more like it. Real men don’t wear things that can be described as “nubby”.

    And I don’t ALWAYS wear khakis. Today, I’m wearing jeans. Cause I’m in Wyoming, and going to the mines, where the manly men dig coal out of the ground with their HUGE equipment.

  2. Coelecanth 2.28.2006

    I don’t own an khakis, never have. Black jeans and one pair of black dress pants is all I own. That said, I haven’t the faintest idea why such a colour combination would be bad. Pink and lime green might be something to complain about but heather and khaki? I don’t get it. Besides, I’m not even sure what heather is, besides being a scrub plant that they used to make brooms out of.

  3. cal 2.28.2006

    *so* with you here – grey+khaki=ICK-never-should-be-done!

  4. Coelecanth 3.1.2006

    Yah, yah it’s “bad”, we get that a rule has been broken.

    Why is it bad?

    Aren’t fashion rules just means of reinforcing the little catagories that people subdivide themselves into. Aren’t they a way to stifle free expression with the end goal of making everyone the same and therefore safe?

    I say “Go Andy!”. If the heather/khaki combo floats yer boat wear it proud and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  5. blamb 3.9.2006

    Right now I can wear all the heather grey I want …. BECAUSE I’M NOT WEARING PANTS!


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