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Which is why I got my ass out of bed an hour early this morning and donned my (God rest her precious soul) Aunt Elaine’s pearls. There were heels involved, too….the serious ones.

Maybe alla you spiffy Muffinasses are not aware, but there exists in the world a segment of the populus that is only employed in jobs dealing with children not because they love the wee uns, but because they are big fucking bullies and forget that there are parents like me out there.

That is, parents that will come down into the middle of their kids if they are wrong, but will stand on your neck if you are.

“I’ll give you this,” the penitent offending party said to me at one point, “your children are very close.”

Damn skippy. I planned it that way. Maybe they’ll have half a chance at survival after I’m gone if they have one another to turn to.

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