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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 2, 2006 || 10:41 pm

How ’bout that’s some super-assed news? SUPER!


I am fully swoony, I’ll just have you know, and singing praises to The Almighty because I no longer have to make elaborate plans to drive an hour to get to THE BEST STORE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE (and some parts beyond, okay?).

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Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my Hobby Lobby store. Please consider a Target and then maybe, maybe, maybe could you prettyplease put a Lush store within a couple hours’ drive?

Super! Just super either way!

Your trying-to-be-humble Steward,

Jett ‘Happier’n A Pig In Slop’ Superior

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Okay, there will likely be no new entries up for the next four to five days, because I am leaving tomorrow to go to the best place next to heaven itself, The Delta. (HA, John, HAHA!) (oh yeah, and melly, too: HAAAAHAHAHA.) My friends Nic and Merry are going along because they have never attended the carnival of insanity that is a get-together between me and some of My Best Friends In The Whole World, Ever.

You see, pals B-Camp, Biscuit (who sometimes comments here, guesss whooo-ooo) and yours truly have birthdays within a couple weeks of one another. We like to get together and celebrate them. Luckily, we all have stable, productive spouses freeing us up to be idiotic jackasses that are understanding of things like Been Friends Since Forever. I could go on and on about all of our significant others and the level of cool they collectively posess, but I will just say this: Thank you Allison, Rachelle and Maxim. Thank you for letting old friends be dear friends, thank you for letting the love abide, thank you for not being petty or insecure or jealous, and thank you for bringing Aleve and icepacks to the big overzealous dummies that you saw fit to marry. We aim to do you all prouder than proud this go-round, as we feel we’ve pretty much peaked at this stage in the game. >:o)

And, for any of you that reside anywhere between Cordova, Tennessee and Clarksdale, Mississippi, I humbly and deeply apologize in advance for any discomfort or ire we may cause you in the coming days. It will help if you just remember this little ditty (and I’ll gladly buy you a beerski and sing it in round with you): “Make new friends, but keep the ohhhh-old; one is silver and the uhhhhh-ther gold!”

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  1. sarabella 3.3.2006

    DISAMBIGUATION!!! Anyplace that’s got that kinda word associated with it must got something!!! Happy Birthday!!

  2. melly 3.5.2006

    In the Deeeeeelta! Good times.

  3. John 3.6.2006

    It sounds better than Alluvial Plain.

    Hope project b-day is a blast.


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