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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 28, 2006 || 2:34 pm

Sam’s musical education continues

I knew if I was patient for a few months, it would happen. Sam’s fawning addiction to AC/DC shifted. His tastes are mutating, expanding. He is open to suggestion now. His logic runs thusly: I owned AC/DC albums long before he did, so I must know a little something about something.

Maxim and I, we are coaching Sam gently, spoon-feeding him. If you put something in his face and holler excitedly, “OMFG, BBQ, YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS!” he runs, frightened, away and it takes eons to coax him back out of the enclaves of his teenagercave. If we let him have the approach and play twenty questions (“Who’s Geddy Lee?”) for a bit we typically can burn off some new listens for him.

So recent forays have consisted of some B.B. King, some Johnny Cash, some Zep. We are laying a multitonal foundation and Sam seems to be digging okay. He is very, very near to The Almighty Revealing Of The Sex Pistols, you people, and I’m dying of anticipation.

While I was ferrying Scout around this past weekend, the two of us had our Buckcherry rock hats (and matching rockfists!) on and were enjoying ourselves mightily. Struck with inspiration, I came in and handed the ceedee off to Samuel for a spin.

“Buckcherry…isn’t that the guy who did Johnny B. Good?”

“Chuck Berry, son. CHUCK BERRY. This is something altogether different.”

We still have a ways to go.

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