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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 24, 2006 || 7:54 pm

Well, then.

Two of Sam’s bandmates (one of whom is Piper’s boyfriend) take out their brains and play with some high-tech toys.

Good God, I can only imagine the heinousness that would be floating around out there if I’d had internet access and an A/V setup when I was in high school.

pee ess…Ryan Adams’ ‘29‘? I’m all over that today. Like, facedown in it and inhaling deeply.

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  1. Jettomatika 3.24.2006

    And the kid in the background totally makes the whole thing.

  2. skillzy 3.25.2006

    Yeah I was poking around on YouTube yesterday thinking how cool it would have been to have all this gadgetry back in the day. We were working on a screenplay of American Gigolo that never got produced due to equipment restraints. I was gonna play Richard Gere’s part, but instead of a Mercedes SL convertible I was gonna drive a Pinto, and instead of ordering Perrier with lime at fancy LA restaurants I would order Perrier with lime at the local Hardee’s.

  3. Shamrock 3.25.2006

    I love that song and now I’ll have that image in my head whenever I hear it. Funniest part was Jake doing the Monkey thing at around 3:05. Oh, and Zack floating around in the background. Yeah.

  4. Jettomatika 3.25.2006

    Skillz: I think the Hardee’s thing would have hit the perfect note. The Gere version shoulda had it.

    Shammy: Yeah, and Drew Cabbage Patchin’ it up makes me laugh every last time. The first time Piper showed me this I played it off like, “These people are all idiots,” but in the still of the night comfortably nestled in my Den O’ Iniquity (you mortals call it a bedroom) with the laptop I hooted for like five minutes and tears ran.

    These kids are great kids. I LOOOVE Jake, but I don’t tell Piper that. The boy thinks I hate his guts and is very nervous around me. I FULLY INTEND TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. PROTECTING THE TEENAGE VAGINA IS PARAMOUNT.


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