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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 20, 2006 || 12:44 pm

Golden Days

I keep forgetting to mention that AlexTedDaveSteve are being featured in a fillyum.

This is excellent, as it makes for some creamy-fresh footage of the fellas readily available for me to point you to. For example, the Damnwells getting way, way down with Augustana at NYC’s Knitting Factory a few weeks back. It’s a little ditty I’ve mentioned here before, and they throw that sucker down and stomp all over it before picking it up and kissing its cheek.

Imagine that, boys and girls, a couple of damn fine bands having a grand old time playing music. Doesn’t happen often enough these days.

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  1. chip 4.20.2006

    I want to be in the fill yum!!!! Chris has never followed them to Columbus, which he certainly should do since it’s their home away from home (and imagine the fun he could have interviewing Teddy Damnwells folks who live just a stone’s throw outside of Columbus).

  2. Coelecanth 4.21.2006

    The clip from the knitting factory rocked! I don’t use that word lightly, oh no. I’m still brushing bits of musical joy off my keyboard and had to comb it outta hair lest it scare the old ladies here at work.

    A damn fine slice of what gigs should be: inclusive, rockin’ and most of all joyous. Thanks from the bottom of my jaded, cynical heart.

  3. charles 4.22.2006

    They’re playing webster hall soon. Excellent venue. I saw bright eyes there, if you’ll have truck with him.

  4. Jettomatika 4.28.2006

    chas: I love the fact that, despite not being from the south, you have a working understanding of phrases like ‘have truck with’.

    hot damn, young(ish) man.

  5. charles 5.4.2006

    haha. you inspire me.


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