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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 3, 2006 || 9:29 pm

Oh no they dinnit!

The choreographed headbanging is priceless.

You didn’t even guess that was the loverly Jada Pinkett Smith fronting that band, did you? Wonder what Will “I am the Bill Cosby of rap” Smith thinks of all the references to incest and fuckwords in her extreeeeeemely poorly-written songs?

I was feeling adventurous, and went to the band’s website. Lordy-lordy, you people. Allow me to quote some lyrics from the song ‘Bleed All Over Me’:

I crave your pain and how it soaks me in

I crave your pain cause I’m its only friend

And I need the way your grief finds me and breaks in my arms

And I need the way I drink your anger it keeps me so warm

Kids, that is some wicked-ass kindergartener hardcore. Seriously, if Dr. Seuss did death metal, I’m just sayin’; Jada done stepped all over his game.

Maxim only had two things to say:

“That was the longest four minutes ever.” and

“”I can hear their music screaming bloody murder while it’s not even playing.”

My review of this band aural heinousness in fifteen words or less:

It’s one thing to have bad lyrics. It’s quite another to understand them. SHEESH.

UPDATE: “You want to bash somebody’s head open in the pit? Go right ahead. You know what I mean?” AHHHHHHHAhaha!

video found at melliloulou’s

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  1. skillzy 4.4.2006

    Who pissed off Living Colour?

    Will Smith is her husband; he thinks, “yes, dear”.

  2. del 4.5.2006

    oh, the humanity.


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