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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 28, 2006 || 1:50 pm

Take it from me;

You cannot possibly have a poor day when wearing mint green Converse Chucks.

Also, I bet you’re getting damned sick of hearing the Drive-By Truckers every time you come here. CONTENT! There is content in my head, but it seems as if I’m always too busy these days to seat it on the page. There are kid things like ballparks and boyfriends and band rehearsals. Then there are grown-up things like gigs and shows and work. They push my life into a jumble that is punctuated by meal preparations and sleep. It is a comfortable jumble, and I have been both sleeping and eating well.

I’ve been trying to take care of myself, spiritually and physically, but some of the emotional stuff is getting left by the wayside for now. My body is still healing from the wreck (I’ve been utterly, utterly amazed by this process) and much of my energy is going into that, not leaving room to ‘tap into myself’, as it were…much less scribble it on a bit of scrap. The limp is nearly gone, supplanted by a shambly walk that camouflages pretty suitably what range of motion I still lack.

Thanks for all of the e-mails and calls. Your ability to be consistent shames me and warms me all at the same time. This period is a time of emotional rest and physical refreshment. It’s nice to be me right now. Really. And I will tell you stories soon enough, my delicious people.

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  1. peter 5.7.2006

    Hello?, Writing and Performing again? This is the internet age. I demand streaming media of this spectacle!


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