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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 5, 2006 || 11:54 pm

Take note, oh gentle Muffinasses.

Someday, when they do my Biography on A&E (and they will, all you haters out there!) I want the following worked in as my ‘quirky’ factoid.

Proof that I am a writer is this: The other night I took notes for a piece down on a 4″x4″x12″ cardboard box. I don’t give two fucks if I never see one dime. That proves me as legit.

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  1. redclay 4.6.2006


    i have written on jeans, front yards, roads, roofs, overpasses,football fields, watertowers… you don’t want people to have to ask “what’s the big idea?”


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