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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 1, 2006 || 9:56 am

Would you like lemon in yours?

LISTEN: Two whole times the other night I caught a movie trailer and thought that it was a parody. Then an ad came on for a totally different movie and I thought it was a parody, too.

My favorite new phrase this week has been, “BE ON THE LOOKOUT! They should be delivering ice water from hell any time now.”

UPDATE: Then I go and fall across this, which is all about this. Jeez himiney crap.

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  1. CNL 4.1.2006

    You need to see this…

  2. skillzy 4.1.2006

    Sharon (and her producers) are waaayyyyy overestimating the box office powah of her coochie.

  3. Jettomatika 4.1.2006

    CNL: The wig, she is priceless.

    Skillz: or underestimating the basic intelligence of some of us.

  4. See, the thing that gets me is the fact that we get Basic Instinct 2, and a film called Slither in the same weekend. Does no-one else remember the Sharon Stone softcore film Sliver?? The good news is, the new Slither is a monster movie, scoring rave reviews, not a remake or sequel, and has nothing to do with Ms. Stone’s coochie.

  5. Of course, talk of these films is meaningless, considering that six million Americans have watched Ige Age 2 this weekend… sigh…

  6. skillzy 4.2.2006

    Well, the only pussy in Ice Age 2 is Ray Romano. And evvabuddy loves Raymond!

  7. CNL 4.3.2006

    Never under estimate the power of a coochie. Ever. :-D


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