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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 27, 2006 || 4:48 pm

All the necessary tools. Drat. Foiled again!

So here I am, knee-deep in furthering our home renovations. Every four or five weeks we tend toward making a valiant push and getting one more major (or a sweeping series of minors) task out of the way. Today I am hell-bent on painting the family room, culling the bookshelves of needless extras, and just generally putting the sonofabitch together once and for all. My vinyl collection has been in boxes for nigh on two years now (GASP!), the spankingly awesome striped vintage drapes I bought off eBay are going unused, the lucite lamps are not resting in an organized fashion on matching deco end tables and the clutter, my merciful stars, the clutterrrrr! I can no longer handle this madness like a reasonable person.

I have run upon a problem, a stumbling block if you will, and it is thus: I’ve finished all of the walls (hot damn, we love freshly-painted beadboard, don’t we, tender Muffinasses?) and about a third of the trim, which includes built-in cabinetry and bookshelves along with your standard four-inch crown, six-inch baseboards, door facings and windows. Humming along nicely. However, –and a big ‘however’ it is, all you folk– I’ve only one glass of wine left. I’m in all kinds of condition to paint, but no kind of condition to drive. If I lived in a REAL place, or there weren’t so fucking many babdistses around these parts, I could have some snooker delivered: “SEND ME WHATEVER YOU HAVE THAT RINGS IN AROUND TWENTY BUCKS A BOTTLE, TATER.” Alas, it is not so.

This will never do.

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  1. cal 5.28.2006

    didn’t you know you can buy the stuff online???? they created those stores just for you!

  2. skillzy 5.29.2006

    I deliver. I’ll even bring shexy glasses.


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