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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 19, 2006 || 1:08 pm

Because around these parts, we honor the fallen and the limping.

Dear Irritable Chinese Guy,

I sure am sorry that your ticker betrayed you the other day when you went in for a simple battery of tests. Generally Smarmy Waitress told me that you’d up and had a heart attack not just right before, but during surgery, as well. Silly man, the midst of an emergency quadruple bypass is no time for theatrics!

You are the first recurring character on my website to get really, really sick. I hope that you’re also the first recurring character on my website to get really, really better. You work too damn hard. At first it irked some of us regulars that you closed on Mondays after all of those seven-days-a-week years; we then realized that we are selfish bastards and got over it. I’ve taken a small poll, and the selfish bastards all agree: You should close one more day per week and let someone else run the place on a third. I’m sure the idea of this appalls you, you dear(ish) man, but a few glasses of red wine should quell your uneasy spirit. Hell, I’ll even bring some over and drink it with you.

What kind of box do you like yourn from?

Fondest regards,

Jett “Sending Good Wishes Aplenty” Superior

pee ess…I didn’t realize until I’d already dropped it in the mail that when I signed the card ‘The Szechuan Vegetable Girl’, it sounded as if I’m composed of Szechuan vegetables. Haha, I bet you’ll be loving that shit. I’m sure you will mock me over it, but I’ve already decided to start calling you ‘Stitch’ to your face, you crazyman. PEACE!

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