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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 23, 2006 || 1:35 pm


All you ever needed to know about tonsilloliths. You are SO VERY welcome.

I have no fucking idea how I find these things, I just do.

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  1. skillzy 5.24.2006

    Holy crap that is NASTAY. Keep it to yoself!

  2. kate 5.24.2006

    Why? Why are you sending me there?

  3. am crabb 5.25.2006

    Thank you. I assumed that my tonsils were always just slowly rotting away. It’s nice to know that, instead, they are working quite well at their task of excreting the crap that is in my body.

  4. Jettomatika 5.27.2006

    CRABBY: I used to get these from time to time. Usually occurred when I’d ingested waaaay too much sugar or when my immune system was suppressed (overtired, etc). They were hellacious grody.


    Skillz: That’s not what you said last night, daddy.

  5. peter 5.27.2006

    I totally had those; they were the primary reason i finally got my tonsils removed.

    (that, and i was informed after the fact that they had been harboring a constant low level of infection for years and were the size of putt-putt balls)

  6. Jettomatika 5.28.2006



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